CRM - client relationship management system

Anyone who runs a business knows that it is not easy to plan, co-ordinate and keep on top of all projects.

Our solution will oversee the timeliness of the tasks performed by you and your employees. Every morning you will be reminded of your tasks with a report where you will find a schedule for the whole day and a list of projects in progress.

You will never miss the expiry date of a contract or the date of your car inspection.

You will easily be able to see which customer has given you the most orders and whether cooperation with them is profitable for you.

Your calendar will sync with Google calendar, so you will always be up to date, even when you do not have a computer at hand.

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CSSoft - digitalize your documents

Every company goes through tons of documents. Managing them is a real pain. Especially if you urgently need to find a document from a few years ago.

To meet your expectations we have created a system that reduces the work time on each document by as much as 90%!

You can instantly add an invoice to your system, send it to your accountant, pay it and print the report.

All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet access..

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Custom software

Computer programs form the foundation of every business. They are made to improve human work. Even the most powerful computer would be nothing without the operating system and applications that use its resources.

Depending on your needs, our applications can work on both a single computer and on multiple workstations connected to a network. They can be computers in a single room or building as well as machines connected to the Internet in different parts of the world.

Do you spend a lot of time carrying out monotonous tasks? We will check whether you can automate them, potentially saving you up to several hours a day! Let us lead you into the world of state-of-the-art technology and outpace the competition!

PaperFlow Faktury - free invoicing software

Do you want to generate invoices but do not need an advanced document management program?

Choose PaperFlow Faktury and issue up to 3 invoices a month for free!


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